My name is Brandon O’Neill and I really can’t decide what I want to do. I played in a band in high school, went to James Madison University, majored in Media Art and Design with a minor in Music Industry, played in another band, released a couple albums, started designing things for some cool companies and people, started building websites for some other cool companies and people, started making videos for even more cool companies and people, got married, and bought a Playstation.

Almost every day I wonder if I should just pick one thing. But I really love it all, and I don’t really want to stop, so I figure I’ll just keep doing it.

These days you’ll find me working as a Graphic Designer for the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, freelancing for anyone and everyone, and releasing music under the moniker Wine & Warpaint. You also have a 85.6% chance of finding me at any given metro area Chipotle, a 76.3% chance of finding me playing board games at my friend Patrick’s apartment, and a 100% chance of being welcome to join me at either of those places.